Corkscrew ILUSION +

January 15, 2018

7,00 (Español) IVA INCLUIDO

Koala is a Galician company that develops projects with creative, graphic industrial designers, experts in materials, university schools to create and manufacture accessories and accessories in the world of wine in Spain.

We share with them the taste for the well-made and quality products, the local product and the illusion of helping, that is why Koala has wanted to collaborate with Ilusión + creating a new corkscrew in solidarity, to add it to our catalog.

From the total price, Koala, will donate € 3 direct to our foundation for each corkscrew we sell.

We leave here the link to your website so you can know them better:


Spectacular corkscrew solidarity ILUSION +

Ergonomic: easy handling.

Double support system with 7 positions.

Bottle opener and integrated pocket knife.

Material: nickel-plated steel and polyamide.

Measures: 10.7 * 1.5 * 33 cm.

Weight: 73 gr.